Vocational Services provides people with disabilities the chance to learn new skills and work at jobs in the community. We have a variety of contracts with businesses in Fargo, Moorhead and Dilworth from janitorial to delivering pizza flyers. Vocational Services also makes and sells handmade products such as jewelry, cards, notepads, buttons, framed prints and gift bags. Everyone is motivated and willing to work so we are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with new businesses.

The Adult Day Program within Vocational Services serves the aging population and likes a slower pace. They have monthly entertainment for the people in the building ranging from singing groups, guitar and piano players to senior citizen kitchen bands. There are also those who enjoy relaxing and watching movies while they have their hair and nails done. People go on picnics, out for lunch and on shopping trips.

Those of us who live at 1635 enjoy going out to eat, going to concerts, plays, movies, shopping, dancing, going for walks, bike rides, going to the lakes, local swimming pools and fishing. While spending time indoors we enjoy playing games, watching videos, having parties for special occasions and spending time visiting friends and family.

During the workday we attend the Vocational Services and Adult Day Programs. We learn the skills to work at jobs of our interest within the community, work on communication skills, do fun activities and learn social skills.

All of us at 2302 are very active in the community. We enjoy participating in Self-Advocacy meetings, which are run by the ARC of Cass County. We meet every third Tuesday of each month at Peace Lutheran Church. We also go to movies and enjoy attending various sporting events, including high school football, basketball and hockey games. In the spring and summertime we enjoy going to the Red Hawks games, plays at the Fargo-Moorhead Community Theater, and concerts at the Fargodome and Civic Center. One of our favorite activities is to plan vacations. We travel extensively and love to visit the Twin Cities where we shop at the Mall of America and visit the Minneapolis Zoo. We have gone to Disney On Ice in Grand Forks, and also enjoyed swimming at the hotel and shopping at the Columbia Mall. We have also visited Itasca State Park with a cabin stay, where we had bonfires at night and roasted marshmallows. During our travels we have taken in hikes, boats rides and fishing. We’re an active group and love to keep busy. Our goal is to accumulate many new experiences in the coming year.

2424 is a group home for children and young adults. Most of us are attending or have recently graduated from high school. We participate in the all activities possible at school with our peers. Some of our favorite activities are prom, sporting events, outings with the social inclusion class, and graduation. For those of us who have graduated, we now have a full-time job at the Evaluation and Training Center or CHI Friendship’s Vocational Center.

We keep busy at home and in the community. We enjoy spending many hours in our big back yard. We love swimming and playing ball. We enjoy spending time in the community on outings including going out to eat, shopping, going to the fair in the summer, to the zoo, to movies, renting swimming pools and hot tubs, and bowling. Our focus is to graduate from high school and be as independent as we possibly can. Those of us in the school setting have an Educational Program Plan that implements the goals and supports that we need to be successful after high school.

Those of us at 2502 are very involved in the community pursuing our interests and personal goals. Each of us has different interests and they include but are not limited to church activities, movies, bowling, competing in Special Olympics, spending time at the lakes, camping, taking vacations, concerts, theatre, dancing, and college campus events. While at home we are assisted with carrying out daily living tasks. Staff is available to help us maintain our home and personal care.

We are taught life skills such as: doing laundry, dishes and cooking meals. We also enjoy just relaxing on the patio, grilling out, bike riding, watching television and listening to music. The staff’s purpose is to assist us in experiencing all that life has to offer. They help us realize our goals and our potential. As for the staff, they are continually challenging themselves to raise their standards of providing excellent care.

MSLA – Minimally Supervised Living Arrangements
Those of us who live in MSLA live in our own townhomes with one or two roommates. Staff is on duty on a 24-hour basis. We are involved in activities in our home. These activities include meal planning, room cleaning and arrangement, laundry, relaxation, spending time with friends and family, planning activities, and many other household activities. We enjoy a variety of community activities. Some of our favorite activities are movies, bowling, concerts, car races, dances, Bible study, church activities, and going to the fair, to name a few. We are always looking for new and interesting activities to participate in both at home and in the community. Our goal is to experience as many things as we can and to be as independent as we can in all areas of our life.

Supported Employment/Extended Services
Supported Employment/Extended Services currently provide training and support to over 60 persons with developmental disabilities, as well as persons with mental health. Our department works with a variety of referral sources, and other community agencies, to assist people in finding and maintaining competitive employment of their choice. Once the initial employment is found we then provide trained staff that work with and teach the supported employee the skills needed to maintain their position. Supports come in a variety of methods: from on-site support to intermittent stops - to monitor progress - and continued visitation with the employee and employer, away from the employment setting.

Supported Employment reaches far beyond the scope of training and support, we are very active with employer education and advocacy and participate on several organizational committees which include The Fargo Moorhead Mayors committee on Employment of Persons with Disabilities, Association of Persons in Supported Employment (APSE) and Agencies and Businesses Linked to Employment (ABLE) just to name a few.

This is the Administrative Office for all locations. We provide support and assistance to all CHI Friendship programs.