Park River

We enjoy playing cards, watching movies, visiting with family and friends, grilling out, picnics, and spending time on the patio. The staff supports us to independently clean our rooms, do laundry and household chores. We have a Standing Committee meeting each month and plan upcoming events.

Some of the community activities we enjoy are going to movies, rodeos, bowling, dances, going out to eat, shopping, camping and attending church services and Self Advocacy meetings.

Staff supports us in developing independent living skills and to participate in life in the community.

Those of us who live at 605 are independent in most aspects of our lives. We choose our own routines, recreation and leisure activities. Here is a list of some things we enjoy in our small rural community of Park River:

  • Going to our local barber/hair salon
  • Going to the bowling alley
  • Going to visit friends and family at their homes
  • Bringing birthday cards to The Good Samaritan Center
  • Working on motorcycles, snow cats, lawn mowers with volunteers
  • Attending community churches
  • Visiting the animal hospital/spending time with animals
  • Fishing/Picnicking at Homme Dam
  • Going shopping and out to eat
  • Assisting with the mowing of our lawn and gardening of our flowers with volunteers

All of us at 605 are continually exploring new interesting opportunities for community involvement and participation.

Supported Employment/Extended Services
Supported Employment/Extended Services currently provide training and support to over 60 persons with developmental disabilities, as well as persons with mental health. Our department works with a variety of referral sources and other community agencies to provide the best possible service assisting people in finding and maintaining competitive employment of their choice. Once the initial employment is found we then provide trained staff that work with and teach the supported employee the skills needed to maintain their position. Supports come in a variety of methods, from on-site support to intermittent stops - to monitor progress - and continued visitation with the employee and employer away from the employment setting.

Supported Employment reaches far beyond the scope of training and support, we are very active with employer education and advocacy and participate on several organizational committees which include The Fargo Moorhead Mayors committee on Employment of Persons with Disabilities, Association of Persons in Supported Employment (APSE) and Agencies and Businesses Linked to Employment (ABLE) just to name a few.