CHI Friendship Provides

Accessible and specially furnished homes for people who need wheelchairs, special bathrooms, lifts, etc.
One to three bedroom apartments, some accessible and specially furnished for people with physical disabilities.

All homes are furnished and decorated. The people who live there may bring their own furniture if they prefer. The people we serve who live in an apartment setting provide their own furnishings.

Adequate storage is provided. Staff assist them to decorate their own rooms as they desire.
Homes for people with disabilities have special furniture, etc. to accommodate their needs.


  • All homes meet safety requirements with smoke and heat detectors and sprinklers where needed.
  • Air conditioned/well heated for seasonal comfort.
  • Full kitchen and laundry facilities available.
  • Pleasant yards for outdoor activities.

CHI Friendship assures that the people we serve have regular physical and dental checkups. All medical appointments, medication administration, illnesses and injuries are documented by staff. Medical and physical needs are addressed in the Individual Program Plan for each person. Staff are trained in the individual needs of the person; for instance, to recognize seizures and the actions that need to be taken.

CHI Friendship will order medications and oversee the administration of them. Medications in pill form are packaged in single dose units, such as “blister” packs. The medications will be self-administered if the person is able to do so. In most cases, medications are administered by trained staff. Records are kept of the time and dosage of each medication.

When people have severe medical or physical challenges, staff are trained to handle their special needs and the use of their specialized medical equipment.

CHI Friendship offers assistance as needed with grooming, hair combing, hair styling, shaving, applying make-up, beard trimming, nail clipping, bathing or showering, hair washing, and tooth brushing. Assistance is provided with dressing and putting on any pads or depends when appropriate. Haircuts are arranged through local barbers and beauticians. Staff respect privacy, teach and encourage people to use their own personal care skills, and document direct care on a daily basis.

Staff provide prompts or assistance with toileting, care for people with incontinence, and monitor health problems, constipation and infections. For people with physical disabilities, staff are trained to reposition frequently, and assist with range of motion or strengthening exercises when ordered by a doctor or therapist.

Nutritious meals are prepared in the home and served in a family-like setting. Special diets are available to those requiring them; staff assist with eating, including tube feeding when needed.

CHI Friendship homes are equipped with TVs (most homes have cable service), CD and tape players, VCRs, and a variety of sports, hobby and arts and craft items. The people we serve who live in an apartment setting provide their own recreation and leisure equipment.

Outside recreational activities are planned based on the interests of the people. Picnics, visits to parks, excursions to zoos and local festivals are favorites. Where desired, arrangements to attend religious services are made. Social activities at the home are planned with families, guardians and neighbors. Holidays and birthdays are celebrated with all the trimmings.

CHI Friendship has been providing residential and other support services in the community to people with developmental disabilities in North Dakota since 1974. A variety of residential settings, day programming and related services are provided depending on the needs of each person.
Programs vary from a structured environment to programs offering varying degrees of guidance to individuals who live in their own apartments or homes.

Our primary goal is to assist people to return to full functioning within the community, including gainful employment.
CHI Friendship practices what it preaches and is a recipient of a three year accreditation through The Council for our work in providing excellent services within our company for people with developmental disabilities. 

Residential settings and services provided are tailored to the needs of each person. An Individual Program Plan is formulated in cooperation with a team comprised of the person receiving services, the person’s family or guardian, DD Case Management, and others significantly involved. The plan covers all important aspects of the person’s life including medications, therapy, job or educational activities, social amenities and the like. The plan is implemented, regularly evaluated by the team, and updated as circumstances require.

The variety of services which may be included within the plan depend on the person’s needs including behavior management, crisis intervention, vocational opportunities, educational classes, day program, health monitoring, functional living skills, transportation, recreational activities, community integration, information and referral, and leisure/hobby activities.

CHI Friendship has been serving people with developmental disabilities in Fargo, Grafton and Park River since 1974.
CHI Friendship provides respite care for both adults and children.