Catholic Health Initiatives

Formed to advance and strengthen the Catholic health ministry into the 21st century, Catholic Health Initiatives is unique among health care systems in the U.S.

Catholic Health Initiatives is:

  • A national not-for-profit health care organization.
  • Comprised of 63 hospitals, 43 long-term care, assisted and independent living and residential facilities.
  • 1 community-based health ministry.
  • Located in 19 states.
  • Serving 64 rural and urban communities.
  • Represents more that 67,000 employees.
  • Governed by a truly religious-lay partnership.

During the last decade, sponsors of Catholic health care ministries realized that the changing health care environment meant that greater resources would be needed to develop programs, structures and services in the next century, In early 1995, a group of Catholic health care leaders began to explore ways to preserve and strengthen the health ministry for the future.